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Our Services

Speed is one of the last great competitive advantages for tech companies, and the industry landscape is primed to support the rapid development of novel solutions utilizing blockchain technology. XAG offers research and development (R&D) services as you seek to expand in new directions.

XAG provides comprehensive analysis of business scope and product-market-fit to help its clients make informed decisions and create an actionable roadmap to success. Xavier Advisory Group advises businesses through the ideation and iteration phases of new and growing businesses, along with building and maintaining internal vision alignment, and building strategic networks. 

The aim of research and development is to stimulate product innovation, improve product development cycles, that improve your current and future state. We will help you conduct research, develop analytics concepts, and execute tests that will accelerate your speed to market. After verifying and validating designs, we’ll also help you develop a plan for getting your designs to production, as well as attract intended customer bases.





​Business Strategy

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Data & Analytics

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Social media


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Project Strategy




Business Process





People Strategy

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Your team

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Our team possesses versatile analytical skills paired with an innovative approach to problem solving. We're able to conceptualize and implement  improved methods for product design, internal business processes, internal communication, community building and engagement, as well as user acquisition and retention. 

Your scale

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Xavier Advisory is able to assist businesses of all sizes, and custom tailors advisory services to each client's needs, timelines and budgets. By helping teams understand their current and future Product Market Fit as well as scaling opportunities and their respective requirements, Xavier Advisory Group is able to help businesses execute on their long-term vision

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Your Opportunity

XAG identifies new business opportunities by blending our industry knowledge, creativity, and extensive network of connections across the blockchain industry. We excel in bringing new ideas to fruition that align with client's vision and overarching business strategy. Ultimately, Xavier Advisory Group's goal is to help projects  solve real problems and create real and sustainable value.

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