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Advising& Consulting

Xavier Advisory Group offers advisory and consulting services to its clients to help optimize cohesion, vision alignment, and internal workflow efficiency within their businesses. XAG specializes in Administrative, Operational, and HR management and can help empower teams to operate and scale efficiently.

Small Business Consulting

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

New Business Formation

Small business consulting

We can help take a overview of your organization and help you gain an understanding of where your small business is headed.

Coin Manufacturing




Navigating the blockchain and cryptocurrency space can be confusing. Learn about these emerging industries and the opportunities they offer though our advising and consulting services.

Office Managment Analysis & Services

Business Meeting

Risk Management & Administrative Analysis

Customer Relationship Management

Business Formation

Interested in starting a business? Have an idea of what type of entity you want to incorporate as? Let us help you hone in on your business plans, intentions, and structure to start you on your path to success. 


& Services

Institute proven processes in order to help your management team get the best results.


Business Meeting
Chess Board
Risk Management/ Administrative Analysis

Explore your organizations options before forming a business plan. 


Customer Service Rep
Relationship Management

Create a comprehensive process to help your organization maintain repeat clients through maintaining relationships with existing customers.


Analytics Guided Assessment

Financial Performance & Operations Improvements

Analyzing the data
Analytics Breakdown Overview


Using a data driven approach, we can help advise your organization on new opportunities for overall growth.


Financial Report

& Operations

Learn how to incorporate streamlined processes to maximize organizational efficiency.


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