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Helping you plan for a brighter future.

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How can we help you succeed?

Xavier Advisory Group offers small to medium-sized organizations services including Business Formation, General Advisory and Consulting, and Blockchain Education.  ears of experience building, managing and coordinating decentralized organizations and teams, and can help guide its clients through the process of new business formation as well as help scale existing businesses.

Advising & Consulting

Xavier Advisory Group offers advisory and consulting services to its clients to help optimize cohesion, vision alignment, and internal workflow efficiency within their businesses. XAG specializes in Administrative, Operational, and HR management and can help empower teams to operate and scale efficiently and synergistically.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Xavier Advisory Group helps organizations navigate L1 network governance and access decentralized funding opportunities. Additionally, XAG provides business assistance for both non-native and native Web3 business integration.

Research & Strategy 

XAG advises our clients through the ideation and iteration phases of new and growing businesses, along with helping to build and maintain internal vision alignment, assisting with analysis of business scope and product-market-fit, and building strategic networks.

New Business Formation

We have experience in creating and managing the following types of businesses:

         Foundations            Non-profits             Start-up Tech        Mining/Validation 


Advisory Group

Empowering Decentralized Businesses

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Our Partners

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